Natural Remedies For Anxiety


Essential oils have in use for many centuries due to their health benefits. They are also used in embalming the dead bodies. They also have wide applications in aromatherapy. French soldiers used in treating various ailments and wounds during the Second World War when medications were not available.

They are purely natural since they are extracted from leaves, roots, barks and flowers of plants. Extreme care has to be taken to ensure that these oils are not diluted with additives or chemicals. They should be pure to provide the needed relief in the healing of various disease or ailments including anxiety.

Most people are faced with anxiety problem in their day lives. Natural oils provide a natural remedy or solution to this issue. They have been proven to be effective in lessening depression and pain experienced by people.

Here are the best essential oils used in the treatment of anxiety:


It is the most commonly used essential oil. This oil has many health benefits which include having a relaxing and a calming effect. It helps in restoring the nervous system. It helps with sleep, inner peace, irritability, restlessness, general nervous tension, nervous stomach and panic attacks. Inhalation of lavender oil helps in reducing stress and anxiety. This oil has anxiolytic effects which contribute to improving heart rate significantly. It is also used in the field of surgery to lower anxiety in individuals who are undergoing coronary and dental surgery.


This oil comes second after lavender oil in reliving depression and anxiety. It helps in relieving grieving, shock and panic attacks. Research has proven that aromatherapy involving rose oil helps in relieving anxiety in pregnant women.


This oil has grounding, tranquil aftrertyujgfrtynd reassuring energy which is used in relieving trauma. It helps to improve one’s self-awareness, stabilization, and calmness. It also serves as a tonic for the nervous system by decreasing hypersensitivity and jitteriness. Additionally, it helps in relieving shock and panic attacks.

Ylang ylang

Its botanical name is Cananga ordorata. This oil has uplifting and calming effects which are useful in treating depression and anxiety. This oil helps with courage, optimism, cheerfulness and soothes fearfulness. It also lays a crucial role in calming nervous palpitations and heart agitation.
A study which was conducted in 2006 by Geochang Provincial College revealed that the use of ylang-ylang oil together with lavender and bergamot oils helps in reducing serum cortisol levels, psychological stress responses and blood pressure in patients suffering from essential hypertension. You should be very careful when using this oil since it can be irritating to your skin.