Plant Stanols And Sterols

The two products are also referred to as phytosterols. They are naturally found in certain plants, and they have a similar structure to cholesterol. These substances help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.

The working of phytosterols

They contribute in reducing the cholesterol levels by minimizing its absorption. They are absorbed instead of cholesterol. This reduces the availability of cholesterol and bile by cutting down its absorption into the body. This stimulates the body to produce more bile which in turn helps in removing more cholesterol from the circulation system.

This helps in lowering the levels of cholesterols from the blood vessels. The reduction of cholesterol takes place gradually. A three-week-old stanols and sterols plant assist in reducing the cholesterol levels by roughly ten percent. They are classified as the most powerful foods which contribute to lowering the cholesterol in the body. You should, therefore, make a point of including them in your healthy diet.

How safe are phytosterols?oiutqwrwrffghkl;

Both plant stanols and sterols have been approved to e safe for use. They are mostly suited for those individuals having raised cholesterols. They can also be used by children with high cholesterols but under supervision. People with normal cholesterol levels should avoid taking them. Brest feeding and pregnant women should also avoid them.

Are they compatible with other cholesterol-lowering medicines?

Phytosterols and medications work differently and can, therefore, work effectively when used together. There is a useful addition to those Individuals taking Ezetimibe (Ezetrol) drug which inhibits the absorption of cholesterol by the digestive system. The operation of this drug is similar to that of the plant stanols and sterols.


The recommended dosage f the plant sterols is 1.5 g to 2.5 g daily. This dosage helps in reducing the cholesterol levels by ten percent. Any dosage higher than 3 g on a daily basis is not beneficial to your body. This product is available in most of the large grocery stores and supermarkets.

Plant sterols supplements

These qwertyhjhgfdfdewsupplements are readily available, but they have not been scrutinized like the fortified foods. Those taking this supplement are advised this take it as directed. They work best when taken alongside a meal.

How active are sterols and stanols?

These products have the ability to reduce cholesterol by ten percent. Statin lowers cholesterol by twenty to sixty percent. The amount of cholesterol reduced is dependent on the dosage and the type of statin used. Other than reducing the cholesterol levels in the body, statins are also beneficial to cardiovascular health.…